Restaurant Chain Reviews Ihop

The last time my friend Sean convinced me to go to a restaurant it was the worse experience of my life.  We met there and he said he wasn’t hungry. I ordered. He got away scot free, leaving me sitting there like Michael Hutchence, hanging from a wardrobe door, fisting myself with an orange in my mouth and bulldog clips on my bollocks. Yes it was that bad.

So. when IHOP was mentioned I wasn’t too keen.  Maybe it was helped by low expectations but this was a great meal for an incredible price.

You won’t be ordering Coq au Vin here as this is all good solid American food. It is also good solid American food done very well!

The staff were also brilliant and very friendly. My waitress was so beautiful my head nearly fell off when I saw her. I still pack a rod every time I think about her!

Not wanting to digress too much, hot totty isn’t the only reason to visit a restaurant, but this was up there with Hooters in terms of enjoyment from the staff. Apart from one guy called Mike, who looked like he spent his time consuming IHOP’s spare stock when he should have been dealing with personal hygiene issues.

The coffee was pretty good too. For all the new coffee shops popping up with excitingly named types of coffee nothing tastes as good as a well done plain coffee from IHOP.

I also like this place as it was in the film I Am Sam. This is a great film for showing chicks how sensitive you are. Michelle Pfieffer is also in prime MILF mode throughout this.  AND….. it’s a good reason to suggest a meal at IHOP which is far cheaper than the usual up market restaurant you take women to too impress.

On a final note i would like to comment on the bathroom facilities.  They were plain but clean. Clean toilets are vital and makes me think that the food didnt give too many customers the trots which, practical jokes aside. is a key feature in restaurants I like to frequent.

So in summary, IHOP has a new fan in me and I’ll be going again. This, I feel I should point out, is not down to the smoking hot chicks they employ but the nice food. pleasant staff and clean bathroom facilities.