Healthy Hot Soothing Drinks

The temperature outdoors is plummeting and your body is beginning to look for ways to compensate. The occasional goose bumps and shivers are coming all too often. One of the best ways for you to respond, is to reach for a healthy, soothing, hot drink from your pantry. Fall brings a season of change, as well as a time to treat our taste buds to some new soothing hot drinks. Dark chocolate, apples, cinnamon, as well as honey are staples that you may want to keep in your pantry area.

Cosying up to the fireplace can be one of the most relaxing times of the cold weather season. When accompanied by a soothing cup of hot cocoa, the experience is unlike anything else. In the year 2003, the Journal of the American Medical Association, informed us that if we ate 3 ounces of dark chocolate a day, our blood pressure could be lowered. Dark chocolate has also been proven to improve serotonin levels, which give us that calm, relaxing feeling that we so desire during the dark, dreary days of winter. The secret here is to reach for dark chocolate when mixing your mug of hot chocolate. The health benefits are astounding and your body will thank you for providing such an uplifting, soothing hot drink.

Another awesome, soothing hot drink that many of us reach for is good old apple cider vinegar! Apples are a miracle fruit, as they protect our bodies against colon cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. By adding a dash of cinnamon, glucose and cholesterol levels are impacted in a positive way! Pour yourself a nice, warm mug of apple cider vinegar and chances are if you were feeling under the weather, you will be on top of your day after consuming this hot, soothing drink!

Decaffeinated green tea is packed with a bunch of antioxidants to improve your overall health! Green tea is made from a plant called the camellia sinensis, which is known to lift your spirits! This healthy, hot soothing drink will help ward off any viruses or nasty flu bugs that you may encounter through the flu season. By kicking back, relaxing and taking in a warmed cup of decaffeinated green tea, you will be on your way to a healthy cold weather season

A good old cup of lemon honey water is a great way to keep your nasal passages clear in the cold weather. If your throat is dry, scratchy, or just plain miserable, this hot, soothing drink will help heal your aching body. Hot, soothing drinks can do more than relax us, but also fight off nasty flu bugs that dig their way into our lives. Antioxidants are powerful and can help heal our bodies, along with our minds. When our minds are healthy; physical well being tends to follow. By taking inventory of what your bodies needs are; you can find a healthy, hot, soothing drink to nourish your body.

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How to Make Soy Buttermilk

Everyone knows that soy milk is an adequate substitute for cow’s milk. There are many health benefits I have used it in various recipes for friends and family who are either allergic to or just don’t drink cow’s milk. The only problem was how to use it in my baking that called for buttermilk. I tried it in a pound cake recipe and it was an ok substitute. The texture and flavor were slightly different but tasty none the less. The recipe is quite simple and if you love buttermilk but not the high fat or your body doesn’t love it so much, this is the recipe for you.

1 Cup of soy milk
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
1 clean glass bowl or jar

Mix the ingredients together in the glass bowl and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes or until it thickens.

That is all there is to it. Fresh soy milk will clabber on it’s own and can be used the same way or as a yogurt substitute. If you like to make things homemade you can also make your own soy milk. You would need to first boil ground beans and then strain them. I have not done this personally but have tasted the results and did not like the heavy soy flavor. You may also buy a machine that makes a very tasty version. If you are interested in making your own soy milk I would suggest contacting the following company.

Miracle Exclusives
P.O.Box 8
Port Washington,NY 11050-4618
The benefits to making your own soy milk is the nurtition and energy factor. Fresh or powdered is much better, in that aspect, than the liquid shelf stable variety. Because the shelf stable product goes througha 14 step process at very high temperatures, it looses some of it’s nurtional benefits. If you can not locate a whole foods market that carries fresh soy milk and are concerned about the energy defeciency of the shelfstable soy, buy the powdered one. Fresh soy milk is minamally processed so it doesn’t last as long as cow’s milk or shelf stable soy. The only thing I could say in the defense of the shelf stable soy is that it is portable and comes in a variety of flavors.
Go out and try something new today, you might like it. Enjoy!

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