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Hissaria is a town in Bulgaria, situated about 175 km away from the capital of Sofia and near the city of Plovdiv. Hissaria has long been known as a popular spa resort. The archaeological remains discovered there reveal that the healing and therapeutic power of the region’s springs was recognized in the distant past.

The resort makes use of 22 mineral springs, each one having its specific chemical characteristics and temperature. The temperature of spring water varies from 41 to 52 degrees Celsius (106 to 126 degrees Fahrenheit). All types of water are low-mineralized, pure, colorless and suitable for drinking.

Hissaria’s springs are also used in various healing procedures. Their proven power attracts tourists and people in need of treatment from various parts of the world.

The water from the springs can be successfully used in the treatment of kidney, gallbladder, intestinal and liver diseases. They also play role in the treatment of patients having urinary infections, diabetes, digestive problems, obesity and chronic joint problems.

Hissaria’s springs have capacity of gushing approximately 62.10 liters per second.

The water of all springs is characterized as Hydrocarbon-Sodium in composition. The quantity of hydrocarbons reaches 60 to 70 milligrams per liter. Sodium and potassium in the springs reach 70 to 80 milligrams per liter.

The PH (measure of acidity) of the Hissaria springs varies between 7.5 to nine, meaning that the springs are alkaline rather than acidic in nature.

Some other elements are also present in the composition of Hissaria’s mineral waters but their quantities are insignificant. Fluorine in some springs reaches four to five milligrams per liter.

Since the Hissaria springs contain fluorine, their water should be drunk for 30 to 40 days at most. After that period, the selection of mineral water having other properties is advisable. Drinking water from Hissaria is beneficial in the treatment of urinary and digestive problems.

Bathing in the Hissaria waters is advisable when an individual is recovering from trauma or suffering from gynecological and endocrine diseases.

Hissaria’s spa hotels use the mineral springs in relaxing and beautifying procedures, as well. These procedures rank them among the best spa and relaxation hotels in Bulgaria.

According to historians, the first organized spa treatment in Bulgaria took part in the region of Hissaria. The mild climate and mineral springs attracted settlers to the region back in the 5th to 9th centuries BC. Romans conquered the area later on and constructed a big city there.

 The qualities of springs in the region were analyzed for the first time in 1882.

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